1. Where is your store located?

We are based in USA. All our products are already in the USA and packages we ship to you arrive in a couple of days.

2. Where are the dies made?

The dies we sell are made in China. They are high quality metal dies that will last for a very long time.

3. Can I use my tool to cut the dies?

Yes. Our dies are compatible with most cutting tools in the market. You dont need anything extra to make them work.

4. Are the designs created and manufactured by Cheapo Dies?

Depends. Many designs we sell are created and manufactured by various factories in China. We simply source them and bring them to you for amazing prices.

Products that have a little CD on their images are designed and made by us. We employ a group of designers who come up with different ideas exclusive to Cheapo Dies.

5. Do the dies come in special packaging?

Depends. All the generic dies we sell come packed in a clear baggie without any special printed packaging. Dies manufactured by Cheapo Dies come packed in a nice clear baggie along with a printed insert.

6. Where can I see product size information?

To view the sizes, please click on the small image or the product name below the image and then scroll to the product description page. This information is not available when you use "Quick View".

7. Do you sell brand name dies as unbranded?

We have been made aware that unfortunately some of the Chinese factories are copying designs from other brand name dies. Our policy is not to deal with such designs. If you spot a die in our store that looks like a "knock-off", please let us know so we can discontinue working with it. Our intention is not to undercut any brand name manufacturer.

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