About Us

At Cheapo Dies, we specialize in affordable cutting dies.

These dies are as good as dies being sold by other manufacturers but at a much lower price. In many cases these dies even come from the same exact factory that produces the brand names dies.

We are aware that there are many Chinese factories that are copying designs from brand name dies. Our policy is not to deal with such designs. 

In late 2017, we started manufacturing our own designs which come from our in house designers. These can be found in the "Exclusive Designs" category in our store. We also have purchased rights to manufacture designs that used to be manufactured by other US brands that are no longer making dies. In many cases the designs look the same but their sizes may vary from the original size.

All the dies we sell can be cut using your existing table top cutting tools.

Everything we sell is already in the USA so you dont have to purchase from China. Most of our packages will get delivered to your door withing a few days. No need to wait for packages for weeks and weeks.

We are a US based seller.

We look forward to earning your business.

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